Photo by Rick Whitmore

Photo by Rick Whitmore


Uni is Heather Marie Ellison.

Uni and her Ukelele began it’s life in 2004 as an outlet for an already accomplished singer to self publish and perform original work independently.

Since that time Uni has released three full albums, numerous E.P’s, collaborations and a covers album ranging from lo -fi indie pop to melodic strings to rock. Uni’s sound has been described as eclectic, infectious pop and not your usual Ukulele fare.

Recipient of the SF Weekly Music Award, Uni has toured all over the USA and Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and has been the subject of  celebrated festival Documentary  “The Mighty Uke

Often described as the love child of Rainbow Brite and Mr. T, Uni is possessed of the uncanny ability to stare wanly out the window and simultaneously kick you in the balls…. Ding!

Heather Marie Ellison began singing in nightclubs in a country band at the age of fifteen (grandpa chaperoned). Then later, during the Swing resurgence of the 90’s, sang in a Northern California swing band by the name of The Savoy Swingers.

She caught the eye of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Johnny Otis and was soon back up singing in the Johnny Otis R&B Revue, opening up for such legendary artists as Koko Taylor, Tower of Power, The Four Tops, Ray Charles and James Brown.

So confident was Johnny Otis of Ms Ellison’s potential, he produced a solo album with her entitled Heather Marie With The Johnny Otis Band,  Got My Mojo Workin’

During the early 2000’s Heather Marie worked at all three locations of legendary independent record store Amoeba Music before hanging up her name tag to tour the world as Uni and Her Ukelele.

From 2007 to 2008, Heather hosted the wildly popular San Francisco variety night “Club Unicornbread”. In a similar vein, being a big fan of Christmas, Heather Marie has brought international acts such as Caga Tio and The Yule Logs to the bay area for six consecutive years with the most craptacular Christmas show in San Francisco Christmas Is The Best in collaboration with Dr Trucker and “friends”.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, she will be releasing her fourth full length album Lover’s Cliché in April 2012.

Having accomplished the impossible task of making New Zealanders Oil Wrestle, making cocktail hats for the rich and famous and making it through Canadian Customs, the future is wide open for Heather Marie as she travels the globe dancing with friends, eating increasingly exotic foods and writing music. New projects are on the horizon for the betterment of us all.

& Her Ukelele

Soprano Uke (first Sally Luka)

This was my first really nice ukulele. My friend Lee Howard helped me get it. It’s a Larrivee (Canadian). I returned the favor to Lee by giving this uke to his son Oliver.

Sally Luka

Sally Luka is a concert ukulele made by Peter Hurney. Her glory days were 2009-2011.

Tenor Kala Ukulele

Kala Ukulele Company sponsored Uni and her Ukelele’s most recent uke.

Uni & Her Ukelele Discography

Here’s a list of Uni’s albums! You’ll find songs U can listen to, and some chords so U can play along!

Lover’s Cliche (2012)

1.) All Over The World [chords]
2.) Please Tell Me So
3.) Save A Little Piece Of Your Heart (for me)
4.) I Often Think Of U
5.) LA LA Happy Too!
6.) Lover’s Cliche
7.) A Little Time
8.) All For Show
9.) When Time Slows Down
10.) Sing Along [chords]
11.) I Know We Can Make It!


Aotearoa EP (2011)

Recorded in Auckland, New Zealand
This album features Hugh Nettar  
Only available at shows.

1.) LA LA Happy Too!
2.) All Over The World [chords]
3.) As Gold
4.) Save A Little Piece Of Your Heart (for me)



Covers (2010)
Only available at shows, or by special request.

No One Knows

1. No One Knows
2. Crying
3. Tonight You Belong To Me
4. Dancing In The Dark
5. I Still Miss Someone
6. Human Nature
7. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
8. You Can Call Me
9. True Love Will Find You In The End

U Comp (2009)

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A smorgasbord of shimmering heartfelt pop songs from Uni and her Ukelele’s previous 5 releases featuring a new track from her up coming album. ding!

See Your Face Again

1. Save A Little Piece Of Your Heart (for me)
2. My Favorite Letter Is U [chords]
3. I’m On My Way [chords]
4. La La Happy Too! [chords]
5. See Your Face Again
6. As Gold
7. Mahalo Maui Rose [chords]
8. Love Is All U Need [chords]
9. The Wedding Song [chords]
10. Emily
11. Twinkle Twinkle [chords]
12. Take A Chance
13. A Very Merry Star Wars Christmas

Uni & The Ding! String Trio – As Gold (2008)

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Strings are the New Rock N’ Roll

1. LA LA Happy Too! [chords]
2. As Gold
3. Haven’t Been The Same [chords]
4. I’m On My Way [chords]
5. Sean
6. The Wedding Song [chords]
7. Twinkle Twinkle [chords]
8. Dancin’ In The Dark
9. Emily

I’m On My Way (2007)

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Rock & roll Uni & Her Ukelele EP

Twinkle Twinkle
1. I’m On My Way [chords]
2. Twinkle Twinkle [chords]
3. Emily
4. The Wedding Song [chords]
5. Breakin’ My Own Heart

My Favorite Letter is U (2006)

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Dreamy, melodic, indie folk-pop that is emotional and melancholy, but also funny and full of life.

My Favorite Letter is U
1. See your Face again
2. My Favorite Letter Is U [chords]
3. Love Is A Lost Art Now
4. Sean
5. Mahalo Maui Rose [chords]
6. Home
7. Oh Henry
8. Haven’t Been The Same [chords]
9. See Your Face Again (Again)
10. Chewie And The Unicorn
11. Metaly Of Unfinished Songs
12. Twinkle, Twinkle [chords]
13. As Gold
14. Summertime
15. Tell Me That My World Is Pink, Not Blue [chords]

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