Uni Covers

Here U can see people playing covers of Uni’s songs! Wow, U are talented! If U have Ur own Uni cover, please email a link to Ur U-tube clip to unimusic.us@gmail.com


Mt Roskill PRIMARY School Ukulele Band 09, sings ‘I’m On My Way’ Miss Nacirema cover’s “See Your Face Again”

Twinkle Twinkle – Uni and her Ukelele (ukulele cover)

My Favorite Letter Is U (uni and her ukulele) ~ Funky Feather

“Haven’t Been The Same” performed by Marie Darling & William Blanc Dit Jolicoeur

“Tell Me That My World Is Pink Not Blue” performed by Emma Sullivan Estevez


Cary’s on his way-ay-ay-ay ay-ay-ay-aaaaay

Jem singing “See Your Face Again” on Episode 3: Uni and Meredith’s Icksullint New Zealand Adventure!

My Favorite Letter is U by the Taranaki Tavern Uke Trio

I’m on my way on mandolin

A Very Special way of singing “My Favorite Letter Is U”


The Wedding Song by Luis Ricardo Torres Aragón

One Response to Uni Covers

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for the link here to my video Uni! :) It was great spending time with you last night. I hope you have a safe trip down south!