“About Uni and her Ukelele: San Francisco-based, world-travelling indie pop solo acoustic act. She spells ukulele like that on purpose. “The songs of Uni and Her Ukelele are feel-good pop anthems…” -SF Gate, 2007″ – SF Gate

“Best of Local Live Bands Uni & Her Ukelele If the world has kicked you in the ass, if life has got you down, if heartbreak is imminent, then take a Uni and call me in the morning. Uni is live Prozac. She may be petite, but she’s a large presence and Don Ho is a hack compared to Uni. Read more: ” – Tony DuShane, Off The Record: Good Bye ’00s (Dec 12, 2009)

“Love Is All U Need “American ukulele singer Heather Marie Ellison, who’s supported James Brown, Huey Lewis, and Ray Charles, has funded a trip around New Zealand playing her unicorn ukulele. She fell in love with Wellington, and a local boy.”” – Capital Times Wellington (Apr 07, 2010)

” “Not many international artists would sleep at a Tasmanian bowls club. However, not many international artists are as unique as the two that breezed in from San Francisco clutching their ukulele and guitar in one hand and the will to rock our little socks off in the other. The ever-so-cute Uni & Her Uke (they’re inseparable in stage name and spirit) and amazingly-gifted Meredith Axelrod managed to dazzle at the Melbourne International Ukelele Festival and Ukelele Safari before stumbling onto our festival. “I was Adelaide in ‘Guys and Dolls’, so I feel as if a little part of my heart is here even though I’ve never been before”, Uni told FB. It was all ukelele, alligators and Corey Haim from there.”” – Kosta Jaric, Fringe Benefits Australia

“Boathouse to rock to ukulele strings FUN GIG: Uni is known for her ‘”super-cute pop ditties”. Like so much these days, her Nelson date started with YouTube. Nelson ukulele enthusiast Simon Jones invited Uni – born as Heather Ellison – to Nelson after watching her “super-cute pop ditties” on the internet. “A year later I got an email from her saying, ..We’re in Auckland and can you organise a gig in Nelson’?” He says he’d never had anything to do with music until picking up a ukulele a year ago, so it’s “been a steep learning curve”. A flustered Mr Jones thought immediately of the Boathouse. ” –

“This solo act is the centerpiece of a monthly variety show at Space Gallery that features music and roller skating Seven months ago, Heather Marie Ellison started a monthly event at Space Gallery called Club Unicornbread. It’s a variety show that has included burlesque acts, solo performers, comedians, performance artists and more. “I thought the place had so much potential,” Ellison says. “It has two floors, it’s not a huge space, but you can kind of create an illusion with it. I felt connected to it.” Ellison is known as Uni from her solo act, Uni and Her Ukelele. (Ellison uses the British spelling “ukelele” for her solo project.) She performs her songs in the window at the front of the gallery. Read more: ” – Tony DuShane,, SF Gate of the SF Chronicle (May 17, 2007)

“Consider the ukulele — which, roughly translated, means “jumping flea” — developed in Hawaii by way of Portugal and wielded ably now by Uni, a petite and soulful singer who is to wacky sexiness what the nitroglycerin dot is to firecrackers. Channeling the spirits of Tin Pan Alley and Joni Mitchell, she’ll unveil songs from her new album, My Favorite Letter Is U (Unicornbread), with her electrified ukulele, Sally Luka — think B.B. King’s Lucille, but with the personality of a fierce kitten. If all you know about the ukulele is Tiny Tim or that kid on Google Video who rips through “Classical Gas” on his uke, you owe it to yourself to have your mind properly blown forthwith.” – David Cotner , LA Weekly (Jul 14, 2006)

“This Week’s Day-by-Day Picks That Blonde Venus hair, those frilly outfits, that sweet, sweet voice: It could only be Uni & Her Ukulele. The uke’s pink, usually, and the girl’s obsessed with unicorns; the overall effect is the musical and sartorial equivalent of sucking on a jawbreaker while drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. Although Uni claims both Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Stevie Nicks as influences and strays a long, long way from traditional, she does perform a tune called “Mahalo Maui Rose” that brings the old-fashioned plinky romance. ” – Michael Leaverton, SF Weekly (Nov 16, 2005)

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