Live Videos

Live Videos

“My Favorite Letter is U” written by Uni & Her Ukelele
Live in Bar Mendocino, Helsinki, Finland on 12th May 2008.
Presented by Juha Väänänen.

Uni and Her Ukelele. Twinke Twinkle
Videotapa en el Duduá live in Barcelona

‘Summertime’ written by Uni and her Ukelele.

“The Wedding Song” written by Uni & Her Ukelele
Featuring Zack Proteau and Amber Lee
Live in Sacramento

“Don’t Dream It’s Over” Written By: Crowded House
Performed by: Ricky Berger and Uni and her Ukelele

Uni & Griffin Point perform ‘Tonight U Belong To Me’
live in San Francisco @ Cafe Royale

“Say It Isn’t So” written by Hall & Oates
Performed by Uni & Her Ukelele (with the help of some horses)
Patterson, CA.

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