NZ Adventures, Wellington Shows and playing concerts at schools in Auckland (and nightclubs too)

Hello Uni and her Ukelele Lovers!

I’ve been enjoying my 5th visit to New Zealand! Staying busy and keeping out of trouble! If I am not posting enough about my adventures on my blog, U can add me on Facebook or Twitter and get more deets on my what what!

Last month I went on a week tour of the South Island with band “Johanna and The Mystery”. Fun Facts! No harm came to me as I laid on a foamy in the backseat of the van not wearing a seat-belt. Danced with Polish Sailors in Port Chalmers at Chicks Hotel while Filipino Sailors threw money at me (5 bucks to be exact) in hopes I would sing The Lion King’s “Can U Feel The Love Tonight”. Why infact (scratch scratch) I Did!

We ate alot of fish burgers and meat pies and the rumors are true…I slept in a tent!

When I arrived in Nelson, I was greeted with loving open arms!(and my very own bedroom in a house) Thank U Simon and Diana, The Boathouse, The Nelson Ukulele Orchestra, All the folks who went to the show and Xan for drawing me this awesome piece she named “Uni’s Limousine”

Now I am back in Wellington!

I have a couple of shows here while I’m in town.

Friday, March 9th from 5:30-6:30 I’m playing at Kreuzberg Summer Cafe (top of Cuba street, on the corner of Webb)

And on March 16th at Mighty Mighty at 9 pm $5 door (104 Cuba St)

Uni and her Ukelele, Johanna and the Mystery and Kittentank! Plus there will be roller-skating! More details on that later

Next Adventure! Uni and her Ukelele in Auckland March 19-23rd

Thanks to “Play It Strange” and “Cheese On Toast”, Uni and her Ukelele will be touring around the schools of Auckland playing music for the little rockers. March 19-23rd

Adults…if this makes U jealous, Uni and her Ukelele is playing some night shows as well

Wednesday …21, March at the Wine Cellar
Uni and her Ukelele
Anthony Drent and the Blood of the Innocent

Thursday 22, March at Golden Dawn
Music+Dj entertainment”

Here’s the bFM Radio Advert for Auckland Shows (thanks bFM and Cheese On Toast)

This blog is long enough. I hope U liked it and will check back! Jem Yoshioka and I are working on sprucing up this website and getting it ready for the new Uni and her Ukelele cd release of “Lover’s Cliche”

Enjoy alittle “International Booty Call”

And alittle BeeGees




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